Induced's $2.3M funding round
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3 OCT 2023

At Induced, we're building AI workers that act as an extension of your team to complete tasks and projects. Have them work on doing sales, compliance, internal ops and any other browser task you can imagine. Run 1 or 1000 at once, fully on the cloud. We're funded by Sam Altman, Peak XV, SV Angel and many excellent founders and operators.

Induced is different from other agentic AI platforms. We are built cloud-first, which means any task you automate runs in the background without affecting your computer. We've also taken an infrastructure-centric approach, and instead of running on a standard browser, we've purpose-built a browser that is designed for running automated workflows.

Automation of browser tasks has so far been restricted to deterministic and ruleset-based workflows that are run on old RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software. Induced is capable of automating non-deterministic workflows that require real-time reasoning or judgment, eg: running a background verification workflow for new email inbounds that involves finding/analyzing their social media, web content.etc or an internal audit process that requires cross-referencing various online databases and internal systems to ensure compliance.etc We find the stickiest group of users to be businesses, but we've also seen many exciting ways individuals use Induced - from building quick data workflows around newsletters to automating personal outreach. One of our early users said, "Induced gives me the ability to spin up on-demand team members with unlimited endurance. I can watch over their shoulder and see what they're doing, and they never complain."

Today, we're excited to announce our first round of funding. Sam Altman and Peak XV (formerly Sequoia India & SEA) led the round, with Signalfire, Superscrypt, SV Angel, IDEO Colab Ventures, Human Capital, On Deck, and Untitled Ventures participating.

We recently announced that we were a part of AI Grant’s Batch 2. We’re thrilled to have Nat Friedman (former CEO, Github) and Daniel Gross (ex-YC and Pioneer) join us as well.

We're also fortunate to have a fantastic set of angels in our first round including Balaji Srinivasan (former CTO Coinbase), Julian Weisser (Co-founder, On Deck), Tyler Willis (Co-founder, Unsupervised), Cory Levy (Z Fellows), Nakul Gupta (ex-Coinbase), Ankur Nandwani (Founder, ZetaChain), Sudarshan Sridharan (Founder, Pipeline), Rahul Agarwal (Co-founder, Valent), Enzo Coglitore, Daksh Miglani (Co-founder, Valent), Rahul Rai, Sanat Kapur (Dragonfly Capital), Kyler Wang and Karan Dalal.

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